Know The Myths About IVF treatment

Know The Myths About IVF treatment

The numbers of infertility cases are increasing every year. Developed medical science has been helping couples dealing with infertility issue, with an effective treatment like IVF treatment.

IVF (In vitro fertilization) is the most commonly used and successful treatment which helped millions of couples conceive. However, there are some misconceptions about IVF and other fertility treatments in general, and due to the lack of awareness and social stigma, couples don’t opt for IVF treatment.

Here are some myths about IVF treatment that every couple trying to conceive should be aware of.
  1. Babies born through IVF are not as normal as other babies

    According to Dr. Arpitha Reddy, IVF specialist in Hyderabad at Mums fertility center, babies born out of IVF procedure are as normal as other babies. IVF babies, known as test tube babies but there is no difference between the two. The physical and mental attributes of IVF babies are also the same as other babies.

  2. IVF treatment requires admission in the hospital

    The fertility experts in Hyderabad says, that woman has to visit the hospital for the collection of eggs, after which the eggs are transferred to the uterus. Once that procedure is done, a woman does not need to go hospital except for regular checkups. In such a case, it is only a myth that a woman has to admit in the hospital during the period of pregnancy.

  3. IVF pregnancies result in cesarean births

    The IVF treatment experts explain that IVF pregnancies are quite normal pregnancies which do not necessarily lead to cesarean section. There is no inequality in the delivery process from IVF technology. Thus, normal delivery is absolutely possible from the IVF procedure.

  4. IVF treatment is risky for mother

    Undoubtedly IVF procedure is safe for the woman. It has been exposed to many years of research, but so far no woman has ever complained about the inconvenience or problem. Even the babies born from IVF procedure have not faced any complications.

  5. IVF procedure is expensive

    Experts of IVF treatment in Hyderabad says people believe that IVF is a highly expensive procedure. But, that is not true, IVF treatment is cheaper than many other reproductive procedures. In fact, the cost of IVF has not risen over the years.

  6. IVF has almost 100% success rate

    The success rate of IVF procedure relies upon various factors such as age, family history, biological and hormonal conditions. In some cases, IVF is only 40% successful for couples below the age of 45 and sometimes IVF might not be successful in the first attempt.

  7. IVF causes early menopause

    Hormonal changes developed by fertility medications can cause some IVF patients to experience symptoms that are typically connected with menopause stage. It doesn’t imply that you are going towards menopause!

  8. IVF leads to multiple pregnancies

    Successful fertilization of egg and sperm prompts the development of an embryo which is placed in the woman’s uterus through embryo transfer. In case of multiple embryos are transferred, there is a chance of multiple pregnancies during IVF life cycle.Because of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, best fertility experts advice to go for SET(single embryo transfer).

  9. IVF outcomes are not impacted by lifestyle

    It is the only perception that IVF is the successful remedy for infertility and a highly advanced technique that the outcomes cause damage to the body. But the poor lifestyle choices such as consumption of alcohol, lack of physical exercise will impact on the outcomes of IVF

Individuals experiencing fertility issues must adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve the chances of IVF treatment.

If you have any more concerns about IVF, feel free to consult Mum’s fertility center, the best IVF center in Hyderabad.

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