Hypertension Causes & Treatment

What Is Hypertension

Hypertension is the condition commonly known as high blood pressure. It occurs due to pressure or force rising inside the artery walls. High blood pressure is when the arteries are narrow, and your heart is pumping more blood. High blood pressure causes thousands of deaths every year. It is mostly due to stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease.

What Are High Blood Pressure Causes

People can have increased blood pressure for many reasons. Many adults develop high BP slowly over many years for unknown reasons. This condition is termed as primary (or essential) hypertension.

If the reason for high BP is known, the condition is termed as secondary hypertension. Secondary hyper tension usually happens more quickly than primary and causes higher BP.

The center also offers expert care for patients with secondary hyper tension. This is high blood pressure caused by another medical condition or diseases such as

About High Blood Pressure Treatment

At Mums Diabetes & Obesity Centre, we offer a full range of care, diagnosis and specialised treatment. We treat hyper tension at our hospital, with a program that fits your busy schedule. Our Hypertension centre offers you the latest advancements in complex high blood pressure treatment. Our specialists diagnose and treat both routine and rare causes of high BP. Treatment usually involves changes in lifestyle, and, if necessary, drug therapy. Our clinic offers treatment for high blood pressure caused by:

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