How Does thyroid affect Infertility?

How Does thyroid affect Infertility?

How Does thyroid affect Infertility?

Thyroid Affect Infertility?

The thyroid gland produces a hormone which helps in fetal development. the baby is unable to produce his own thyroid hormone and depends on his mother. Also, the hormones are responsible for metabolism in the mother’s body. Production of these hormones in excess is called hyperthyroidism and insufficient production is called hypothyroidism. Both the conditions can affect your pregnancy

Causes Anovulation

Anovulation may cause irregular menstrual cycles or no periods, irregular hormone level causes anovulation.

Leads to miscarriage

Women with low thyroid hormone level confront miscarriage or premature labor. Hypothyroidism makes difficult your menstrual cycle and progesterone levels. It doesn’t allow the egg to get attached to the uterus and thus, Even if it gets attached, the mother is unable to provide enough thyroid hormones to the fetus, resulting in loss of pregnancy.


Hyperthyroidism(overactive thyroid) or Graves disease will cause irregular periods in women and in men, Hyperthyroidism causes low sperm count.

Prolactin level Affect infertility

High Prolactin level in blood in women can stop the ovaries from making the hormone estrogen.

Low estrogen can cause irregular periods or stop periods completely, low level of prolactin in men can cause erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

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